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This is a story about change, and how I became a coach.

I’ve always been a coach


As far as I can remember, I have always been a coach and an explorer. As a kid, I was a sports teacher, a ski instructor, a mountain guide. I would lead my friends out on long bike rides. I taught my friend who is afraid of the ocean surfing as I love to show people that the barriers of what you can do are further than they think.

Spreading my wings  


As I entered adulthood, like so many of us, I fell into the comfort zone. I was letting people tell me that “THIS” is life, and that I shouldn't be chasing for more. I was in an 11-year relationship, and we didn't want the same things anymore. I was dreaming about going abroad, broaden my horizons. I felt torn to stay or leave. This was the hardest internal battle of my life: a huge value clash between love & adventure. But the call for life was there, and I got a job offered in Amsterdam and I went for it. I embraced the pain and I didn’t allow myself to think that I couldn't deal with it myself. 


Dora the Explorer 


So many new opportunities then came my way and I took them all. This is what I call my chapter of Dora the Explorer and I love it. I made new friends from all over the world, keeping my agenda crazy busy between partying, dinner with my flat-mates, dating, going from a yoga class to a circus class. Life is SO exciting. I embraced another adventure in Portland, Oregon for 8 months, connecting deeply with the beautiful nature of the Pacific North West. And then the opportunity to go on a sabbatical comes, that’s Dora’s dream, the adventure continues. I left work with an intention of changing my perspective of time, living the slow pace simple & social life in Senegal was the best lesson I could get. Less is more becomes a new motto.


Closing a chapter 


Going back to work, the question that everyone asked is if it is too hard to be back? Do I want to change something? I did. And that’s when I officially got to meet “COACHING”, and it is life transforming, right at the first session. My coach reflected the pain that I am still carrying from my previous 11-year relationship. He didn't even need to challenge me, I knew what I needed to do, and got closure with my previous boyfriend that I had somehow kept open for 3 years. Just 3 weeks later, I met the one I am now considering the love of my life. Life is wonderful and coaching is magic.


Becoming a coach


In the meantime, I was still a coach in many ways, people come to me for advice, at work, in my personal life, and just I love being in this role, but I soon realize that I need more tools. I decided to become a coach. The first training was eye-opening: I wanted to learn that all the time and I didn’t know it was there. I love these conversations, I love to go deep, I love to help people. This is the new adventure, I am fully in the moment, I care for others.

The amazing coaching I receive is affecting every area of my life. I feel like am a better girlfriend after my boyfriend’s burnout, I can support him without being the saver. I am offering the right listening skills in my family when my brother’s partner decides to start a gender transition. I am learning constantly.


I’m a coach


I am bringing more well-being at work, helping people to get what they want out of work and pursue the things that they find most important in life. I am facilitating workshops about relationships at work, growth mindset, finding your strengths, asking coaching questions. There is so much that can be done to enjoy the 40+ hours that we spend per week in the office! I love to coach my clients to find more well-being and balance in the their lives. I coach my clients in their entirety, discovering & accepting oneself in their mind as well as their body. I help them bringing movement where there feel stuck, taking their first step towards their goals. 



What my clients say about me

Martina F.

Claire is a great listener and helped me in getting more clarity of who I am and what I want to achieve, work and personally-related. She did that with high sensitivity and supported me through the process as a guide rather than influencing with pre-made ideas. Thanks to the coaching sessions I became more aware and confident of myself and I would highly recommend her to anyone

Kristina L. 

Through Coaching, Claire supported me in reaching a balance between work and life. Claire not only gave me practical advice, but also showed my core values and skills and how these influence my decision making. I enjoyed most, how she was able to let me see challenges from a different perspective and to turn them into opportunities.

Carlos R.

Claire has extraordinary listening skills, is very empathic and engaging. She is able to adapt her coaching style to her coachee. I highly recommend Claire as a Coach.

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